Four B2B Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we have 4 B2B Holiday Marketing Tips to help you close out the year right.

1. Increase Your Brand Visibility

Increase your brand visibility during the holidays with holiday-themed content. Even though you are marketing to businesses, you are appealing to humans, so a festive holiday campaign will grab your prospect’s attention and stand out in the inbox.

Be mindful of the hectic time surrounding the holidays and anticipate the problems your clients may be facing at this time of year. How can your products or services help them?

2. Express Gratitude

The holiday season is the time to express gratitude to all those who inspired your business and contributed to its success: your clients, suppliers, and employees.

Our tip: send a personalized, hand-written holiday card, it adds a special touch in today’s world of all things digital. A genuine expression of gratitude will build long lasting relationships with your clients and suppliers, as well as increase employee morale.

3. Capture Year-End Marketing Budgets

Marketing budgets tend to face one of two year-end situations: a depleted budget, or a surplus of cash. Many companies will increase their year-end spend to keep next year’s budget consistent.

Ramp up your digital marketing and offer end-of-year deals to capture use-it-or-lose-it customer funds. Create a compelling story of your brand and offerings for a multi-channel advertising on web, video, email, blogs, and social.

4. Reach Out to Decision-Makers

The holidays offer a surprisingly good opportunity to reach out to decision-makers since year-end is the time for next year’s strategy and budget development.

You want your brand, products, and services to be top-of-mind as decision-makers transition into the new year.

Content is king, so create relevant content with calls to action that make it easy for customers to learn your product’s features, benefits and price for budget season.

Keep in mind that decision-makers may not be ready to buy right now, which is okay. Your goal is to build brand recognition and raise awareness with relevant content and position yourself as an ideal future partner.

4 B2B Holiday Marketing Tips

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