Frequently Asked Questions

Creative Service Subscriptions

Why do you offer subscriptions instead of a project-based marketing fee?

Our subscriptions provide cost certainty for your budget. Your marketing spend for the year is defined and you can manage cash flow with a consistent monthly spend. Subscriptions also allow you to pivot to different marketing channels quickly – a significant benefit for growing suppliers in the modern multi-channel marketing world.

How is a subscription different from a retainer-based approach?

Legacy agency business models like retainers guarantee the buyer access to a certain number of agency hours per period in exchange for a fixed fee during that period. We guarantee marketing deliverables, not hours, which ensures that we are incentivized to be as efficient as possible – good for you and good for us.

How am I billed for my subscription?

You have the option of monthly billing or discounted annual billing. For monthly billing, you will receive a monthly invoice for your subscription. Your monthly fee will not change for your subscription year unless you switch to a higher tier. For discounted annual billing, you will receive one invoice at the beginning of your subscription year and realize significant savings.

What are “points” and how do I use them?

Not unlike airline miles or hotel points, think of Hapatune points as your marketing redemption currency. We offer three creative service subscription tiers which award a different number of points for future redemption. With annual billing, you accrue all points in your tier upon receipt of payment. For monthly billing, you accrue 1/12th of your subscription tier point total each month (for example, a Growth tier subscriber accrues 5.5 points per month, while a Premium tier subscriber accrues 12 points per month). Accrued points can be redeemed throughout the subscription year for various Hapatune marketing services as defined in the Points Redemption Chart.

I am interested in a digital marketing service that I don’t see on your points redemption chart. Can you help me?

Likely yes. Let us know what you need, and we can create a custom point value for your special service. We also regularly add to our roster of services, so check our Points Redemption Chart regularly.

Do I have to separately pay for ad placements, email list rentals and press release distribution with my subscription?

Never. The cost of ad placements, email list rentals, press release distribution, graphic design, copywriting, editing, stock photography, video production and voiceovers is included in each of our creative services.

When does my subscription start? When does it end?

Your subscription starts on the day you sign your Statement of Work and ends 365 days later.

Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

Since we strongly believe that customer engagement is a continuous effort, we only offer annual subscriptions.

How will I be supported during my subscription?

We pride ourselves on providing white-glove service to our bioprocess clients. Your subscription includes direct support with our Creative Director and Technical Director. There are no account managers that change every two weeks. You will be invited to weekly calls in the beginning of the subscription, and biweekly status calls thereafter. During these calls we go through the creative design process, make decisions, set action items and listen to your feedback. We will also offer support for anything you may need. In addition to calls, we use for project and task management and will provide you access to a dedicated project board.

I didn’t use all points in my subscription this year. Do they carry over into next year?

For Growth tier subscribers, up to 10 unused points can be carried over into the following year when you renew at the same tier or higher. For Premium tier subscribers, up to 20 unused points carry over when you renew at the same level. Unused points do not carry over for Starter tier subscribers.

I need a few more points than is included in my subscription tier. Do I have to subscribe to a second package to accrue additional points?

No. We offer “top-off points” for this situation. You can order top off points in increments of one point. See our Pricing to see the top-off point cost for your subscription tier.

Can I cancel my annual subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with 120 days’ notice.

I’ve heard about new privacy regulations like GDPR, but I don’t know how they impact me. Can Hapatune ensure we are compliant?

Yes. We understand that bioprocess suppliers and service providers operate on a global stage and must be compliant with the evolving regulatory landscape regarding privacy. Hapatune will ensure that the digital marketing we execute on your behalf is compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

I need a new website for by business, but I don’t see web design on your points redemption chart. Do you offer website design services?

Yes! Due to the wide variation in client website requirements, including e-commerce needs, corporate IT security policies, gated content needs and others, we will develop a custom proposal to meet your requirements. We begin with a review of your current site or an ideation session for a completely new site. Depending on site complexity, a general estimate for web development is 4-8 weeks of front-end UX/UI development followed by 4-8 weeks for back-end coding.

Do I have to host my website with Hapatune?

No. We will go over hosting options during our discovery call to select the option that works best for you.

I’m new to digital marketing. How much should I budget?

Take our Quiz to determine an appropriate digital marketing budget for your business and find your recommended subscription tier.

Why not just start up my own marketing department?

There will likely come a time when building your own in-house marketing department makes sense. For many growing bioprocess suppliers, though, the marketing function is heavily focused on trade show organization or product management. This leaves a gap for delivering consistent customer engagement and lead generation. Hapatune subscriptions close this gap in a timely and cost-effective manner, while providing the following benefits:

  • Eliminating the “hidden HR costs” of recruiting, onboarding and training marketing hires that are, in many cases, unfamiliar with the bioprocess industry and scientific marketing
  • Permitting immediate execution of your digital marketing strategy immediately
  • Saving money: our Growth plan is approximately half the cost compared to total compensation, training and overhead of an experienced digital marketing professional’s salary, while providing similar output. Our subscriptions also include the cost of all ad placements, email list rentals, press release distribution, graphic design, copywriting, editing, stock photography and video production with no hidden fees. Ever.

I already have an in-house marketing department, but I need to increase our capacity quickly. Can we use a Hapatune subscription for this?

Yes! If you already have an in-house marketing team, then Hapatune acts an extension of your team at a lower cost than hiring internally. We can also follow any existing brand guidelines that you have in place.

I need marketing help for my hospital health care or surgical instrument business. Can Hapatune help me?

No. Unlike other healthcare or life science marketing agencies, Hapatune is very focused on supporting our core area of expertise: bioprocessing suppliers and service providers to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. We do not support hospitals, surgical suppliers or healthcare providers.

Advisory Services

What are some of the advisory services that Hapatune offers?

We develop market research studies, consult on market segmentation, provide technology roadmapping, deliver branding studies and more. We specialize in assisting suppliers, service providers and private equity firms understand both the market landscape and technical requirements for processing of mAbs, plasma derivatives, vaccines, microbial-derived proteins, plasmids, peptides, oligonucleotides, gene editing, gene therapy, cell therapy and other ATMPs. Reach out and see if we can help you.

I’m a subscriber but also interested in Hapatune advisory services. Can we redeem our points for advisory services?

In some cases, yes. Depending on scope, our advisory services may be able to be folded into your creative service subscription. Reach out and we will be happy to see what we can do.

I’m interested in Hapatune advisory services, but I am not a subscriber. Can you still assist me?

Yes. We also offer project-based billing for advisory projects. Reach out and we can discuss further.