Why You Can’t Be SEEN Until You SEE

You’ve heard this before—a brand is NOT a logo. Sure, as a consumer you largely identify brands by their logos, but you connect with brands for their promise. You observe what these brands stand for and how they stand out.

When you associate yourself with a brand, you subconsciously embody those brand qualities, that brand essence, and you feel good. 

So that’s you on the consumer side, engaging with a brand. Now let’s look at you on the brand side. You are also a brand, both personally and professionally. What is your promise? What do you stand for? How do you stand out? How do you serve your customer?

As a brand, you are competing with many different brands to inform your customer. But if you don’t have the customer’s trust, then you’re simply in a race for fleeting attention.

You gain that trust by truly SEEING your customer for who they are, recognizing their pain points, their frustrations, their passions, and their goals.

If you don’t have your customers’ trust, you’re simply in a race for fleeting attention.

Once you SEE them, ask yourself, how can I SERVE them? How do I alleviate their pain points, lessen their frustrations, ignite their passions, and facilitate their goals? Seth Godin calls this “understanding your smallest viable audience.”

If you can see, understand, and serve that representative core of your customer base—the smallest group of customers that can sustain your brand—then your audience will grow. Because you don’t just impact those customers you serve directly, but the customers THEY serve.

Focus on your smallest viable audience with humanity and servitude, and your business will stand out and grow. Focus on the masses, and you will be lost in the pool of sameness.

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